Friday, 30 November 2012

Heart Talk ||

So tomorrow I will going back to Uitm Merbok, Sungai Petani. It's Semester 3 Yallll. Why should this semester break ends anyway. It is too soon thou. My preparation is now 85.3% and tomorrow morning I will start my journey from Jitra to Sungai Petani which only takes for a while. While ka ? while lah kot compare to those yang jauh. 

Mentally I am obviously not ready. Boleh nampak dekat situ, I mean dekat sini bila aku cakap tak ready aku tak ready lah *Tiba-tibanaikhantu. Tak ready for what? TAKReady for the challenging subjects, the difficulties that I must face, the exams and test which I need to struggle 100% on, the foods *yada yada yadaa. So many things that makes me not in the ease. Nak tak nak better be prepared !

But in the end, I must be ready I must. Kena fikir positive (ini semua SAHOL yang ajaq K) and This semester I have only one Aim dimana matlamat ini sangat lah penting buat aku and I musttt give my ALL. If Allah wills. Insyallah.

Still wearing it. Don't judge a! I wear it because of my different intention now. It is a gift, z only gift that I am willing to keep. So long and goodbye.

Deena Rosley,
O Allah, I am trying to become a better person.

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